General Surgery

  • We are doing all abdominal General Surgical Procedures. It includes from simple surgeries like Appendectomy, Hernia Repair, Hydrocele, etc
  • We have a team of Doctors doing all sorts of Pin Hole Surgeries called Laproscopic Surgeries. Especially Gall Bladder removal in cases of Gall Stones. Hernia repair with Mesh etc.
  • We have team which does Cancer surgery especially for Breast, Ovaries and Uterus.
  • Our operation theatres are modern and fully equipped with almost all Gadgets.
  • We have pipeline Oxygen supply for needy patients.
  • We have pipeline Suction too for needy patients.
  • We have operating hysteroscope, Endoscpoe for Urological Procedures like TURP.Urinary Bladder Tumours etc.
  • We have provision for removal of stones from Urinary Tract both upper and Lower.
  • I.e. Kidneys and Ureters etc.