Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Mrs. Sarabjit Grewal who is well trained and a senior Gynecologist of Town, Head Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. We have facilities of Painless delivery by baby Tens system (A Non Invasive system and is one of the pioneer in that.) To see the Progress and labor and Fetal activity We are equipped with Fetal Monitor. Not only that in Dept of Diagnostic and therapeutic gynecology we are equipped with modern laparoscope and Hysteroscopy for endometrial disease. We are regularly doing hystero salpingogram. Labor Room is a one of the modern Labor Room.

Addresses the need of pregnant women right from conception till delivery
  • Daily antenatal OPD from 8 am – 1pm.
  • Expert staff & Extensive services to look after normal & high risk pregnancies
  • Attached laboratory to do all kinds of blood and urine testing.
  • Separate Counseling Chamber for HIV patients.
  • Facility for Prenatal Counseling available.
  • Qualified specialists ,trained nursing staff and latest equipment to deal with childbirth of normal & high risk pregnant women.
  • Excellent patient care with Warm and Affectionate environment.
  • All Modern Technology available like Fetal Dopplers/ Continuous Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring / Marquette monitor./ Ultrasound.
  • Painless Labor facility available with epidural analgesia.
  • Separate rooms for Eclampsia / Septic patients.
  • All deliveries attended by Neonatologist
  • Excellent Nursery Care with expert staff for handling of newborn babies especially premature babies.
  • Referral Centre for all hospitals in Punjab